Amek BCII modules and Console

Graham Langley founded Amek in 1973 with Nick Franks. Since then, AMEK and TAC recording consoles have been the choice of demanding audio professionals for over 25 years.

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Amek BCII modules and Console

Postby norton » Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:21 pm

I'm thinking about moving toward a slightly smaller desk.

My BCII is the full studio console frame with meter bridge. 16 mono ins x 8 stereo ins x 4 aux (2 with compressors) x 2 (masters with compressors) with an integrated 12 space rack on the console. 2 power supplies and patch bays (1/4" and add punch downs included)

it's in great shape and is completely functional. the compressor modules on two busses and the master outs could stand to be re-capped but the strips are great.

custom back plate with 16 xlr inputs to the mic preamps..

i've got 8 input transformers for the input channels. 2 channels have them installed. 8 "spare" input modules. 4 "spare bus modules" 2 "spare" stereo masters.

Desk is roughly 5' long and 4' deep.

price for the entire system is going to need to be in the $7k range. But if you just need modules... we can talk.

if you're interested text or email me and i can shoot you pics etc.

zack norton
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