Showtime software available? Computer spec required?

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Showtime software available? Computer spec required?

Postby nigelpry » Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:23 pm

I'm picking up an Amek 501 next week, the larger frame version with 40x mono and 4x stereo input channel strips. I've already seen it and established that it is fully working in 'standalone' mode.

It has been owned by the existing owner from new.

Now the thing is, he only used it manually, so he never got a computer or the showtime software.

I've seen on what's left of the Amek support site that there are versions of Showtime available for download. But the links say to select your existing current version of the software.

Does anyone here know, are these simply upgrades that require the existing version already on the computer, or are they full installers? If upgrades only, does anyone have any ideas where I might find a full version of the software?

Also, from what I've read here, I'm going to need a 486 or early pentium computer to run the software on. Other than a fully working computer with that spec, and parallel and serial ports, are there any specific requirements I need to be aware of? Such as how much RAM, what sort of hard disc size is needed etc etc. I believe an IBM Thinkpad was the preferred model used by Amek, but given that one of these might not just fall into my lap anytime soon, are there any pitfalls to be aware of when trying alternative laptops?

Also, I've not used showtime before, I'm mainly attracted by its 'recall' facility that will allow me to recall channel settings on screen so I can manually set up knobs and switches back to a previous state. What do people think of this facility, does it work well, is it precise?

I'd be grateful for any help / info that people are able to share with me.


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