TAC SR9000 Calibration procedure

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TAC SR9000 Calibration procedure

Postby totalgear » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:33 am


Despite having the SR9000 service manual, I find it lacks several information in regards to calibration.

Several test points can be found on the various modules but no indication of the procedures and target values for proper calibration.

Some relate to CMMR and has instructions
Others are for the VCA voltage, offset etc, but again with to indication of target values
Others are for the electrical audio level on various sub pcb like the output modules.

I have several high precision test sets and would love to calibrate this desk to "a needle's width" accuracy.

Lastly I was wondering on the possibility to add a switch on each the 16 audio groups that would be linked to the LINE input preamp out. This way when the 16 first channels are using the MIC Preamp, the unused 16 line amp could be routed to the corresponding 16 audio groups, allowing the possibility to use the group as a line input with +/- 20dB input trim

From what I can see the line amp uses a TL072 whose output goes straight the MIC/LINE switch. I was thinking to tap on this by adding a 47R resistor prior to adding a cable to the corresponding group.

Any comments/suggestion would be appreciated,

Many Thanks

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