FS: Scorpion II Components

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FS: Scorpion II Components

Postby mercurydime » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:55 am

Greetings, all

I did a major upgrade to the studio last Fall, and I decommissioned a 30x8x2 Scorpion II. It surely served me well, but it was time for something a bit smaller..and newer.

The console has been stripped of all its components:

24 AML Line Amp Card-modded 1101 channel strips. Work was performed either by the good folks at GRS Systems or by me in 2010-2011. They sound great. I always did like the EQ in this circuit. I have 6 more 1101's that have not been modded or recapped.

8 3301 Group Channels all recapped. Working when pulled.

2 Master Buss units: one with a GRS 'harmonic' mod, the other a cleaner Jim Williams-style.

I also have the PSU which was working fine...no noise, but in 10 years of owning the console, I did not get around to recapping it. So, it's due from a technical standpoint, but in terms of sonics it measures up.

I also have lots of ribbon cables and knobs, everything that was salvageable.

I'd like to unload these in as large lots as possible. There will certainly be an economy of scale for larger lots.

I am also going to list these on Reverb.

PM me if interested and feel free to make offers.

Thanks, and my best to you all...

~Stephen Blanton
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