Connecting synth output to Angela Line-In // Volume Problem

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Connecting synth output to Angela Line-In // Volume Problem

Postby Frcake » Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:19 am

Hey guys,

When i try to connect my jupiter 6 to Angela's input from the jackfield , i get a very thin sound , and the line amp barely boosts when he's all up!

For some reason i hook up a TR-606 on another input and plays fine, but when i plug the jupiter(even in the same cable) it's really thin , no bass, no volume!

Also i had the same problem when i plugged an ELKA orghan , same thin low sound.

To be sure of the jupiters good working state, i hooked it up to a monitor alone and played fine, same output same cable etc...

Is there a problem with Angelas impedance?, And if this is not do-able, how do you go about recording a line signal from the control room?!
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