Amek 2520 "Control Room Mute" Problem.....

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Amek 2520 "Control Room Mute" Problem.....

Postby moukas » Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:03 am

Hi, I have an Amek 2520, and today when i turned it on the Main Mute (control room mute) is Not Working. When you turn on the console is always on mute but now i press the button and mute is not switched off. Another strange thing is that now, none of the controll panel mutes are working (Control room main mute, L mute, R mute, Studio mute) and neithe the Dim and Mono buttons... Does anyone had a same problem before? The other buttons for speaker sellection and Cue seem to work fine.... Isuspect it's something on the JP 478 Card, becuse it controls all the functions that are n't working. If anyone can help please let me know cause i'm stuck in the midle of a big recording project.... Thank you
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Re: Amek 2520 "Control Room Mute" Problem.....

Postby AnalogStudio7 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:29 pm

Did you check the power supply logic voltage AT the console.

We had a similar problem with mutes and it turned out to be the 5 Volt logic power was only 4.7 volts when measured at the console. Tweaked the PSU up to a hair over 5 Volts at the console and then the logic worked fine and all mutes worked again.


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