Big By Langly Bussing

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Big By Langly Bussing

Postby Jamie Turnbull » Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:35 pm

Hey gang

So after buying it and sadly keeping it in storage for a couple years, I now have my won studio with the big taking pride of place.

Having looked at the manual, I am struggling with a couple of things regarding the busses which feed into my interface

1. There are 24 busses in total but I can only seem to use 12 at one time. The signal from 1 feeds channel 13 on my interface. There doesnt seem to be a button such as a 'shift' to access busses 13-24 like I have seen on some consoles. All the manual says is it will work like that is your tape machine is set up to do it?

2. I want to add EQ and inserts on the way in to protools but cant seem to find a away to have the EQs commit to tape. I can EQ on the outputs fine but what goes to tape is still the dry signal

Anyone got any words of wisdom on this?

Thank you

Jamie Turnbull
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Re: Big By Langly Bussing

Postby Matt Syson » Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:10 pm

Hi Jamie
The bussing is a bit of a 'cheat and yes 1-12 gets repeated as 13-24. You can only record 12 busses at once. You chose which by record enable on your machine.
I can't remember if the insert position is changeable inside the modules. You really need a manual, available from Audiomaintenance.
Matt S
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