PB Amek Recall Show Time

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PB Amek Recall Show Time

Postby Poulain » Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:09 am

Hi everybody ! For my first post, I ask you for a pb with a Amek Recall

We recently bought an Amek Recall 56 by Langley in good condition, with IBM computer with Showtime 2.5, technical manual and some schematics plans for RL1,RL2,RL3.

Sound is great and recall fonction quite easy.

But we have a lot of questions to make it work better!

Principally, we have calibrations problems: let’s start with the FADER ISOLATED mode that give us 15dB difference between two cases. When we first followed the calibration plan in chapiter 7.5 of manual, we couldn’t have really +4dBu.

Storing and recalling system work fine on all pots, routing, switches and busses faders but NOT inputs faders, VCAs and Master.

SAFE,UPDATE,OVERRIDE function communication is fine between computer and console, but when ShowTime is opened, only sound in override mode, sound is muted in Safe or updating modes.So we don’t really understand those modes jobs

1121 seems to work fine with alternated red and green LED when showtime is disconnected; alternated green LED when showtime is ON. We changed the battery yesterday!

Thinking about VCA problem in calibration by using FADERS.CAL file on computer: Is that file keeping VCA’s datas as a reference? or only the result of Fader Calibration in Showtime System?

Because some input VCA seems to have different level, by measuring it on Insert ou and 'cause faders aren’t on the same line on Showtime window, when local faders are on 0 mark, every questions are turning around VCA modes and calibrations.

all your replies will help us to contribute to keep Amek Console as maximum sounds as possible for maximum musics. Many thanks everyboby.
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