Amek Recall strange problem

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Amek Recall strange problem

Postby jfkstudio » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:33 am

I resently bought an Amek Recall and I have som strange problem. To start with I have problem geting the onboard computer to log on. It usually take 6-7 times of turning the power on and off before I get the green red light blinking from the cpu-card. I have measured the power on the rails in the console and I have 5.01V on the Dynamic-cards. Eventualy the computer logs in and the led turns green. I can then turn on the pc and it connects to the cpu card and checks the VD without errors.
But when I pass audio thru a channel and tries to assign for example a compressor the consols jumps into afl-listening mode and solos the channel but no audio comes out. I don't get any reading on the compressor meters on the screen or the console only the indication that the channel has a VD assigned. If I make adjustments to the makeup gain on the compressor and goes back to the homescreen, audio starts to pass thru the console again and I can see that the level has gone up on the channel with the compressor but it does not Compress the sound.

Any one who has a Amek recall running showtime and knows how it should work. I guess it should not go into afl-solo mode when your assigning VD´s to the channels? Or should it?

Thanks in advance for any input on this problem. Im running out of options and idea´s over here.

All the best
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