HELP !!!!Problem with headphone output!

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HELP !!!!Problem with headphone output!

Postby Justin@tinshack » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:51 pm

So recapping nearly complete 4 nights work about 20 hrs all going well just waiting for some bits to come from Colin at audio maintenance Ltd and was doing some tests with audio interface and I got some unusual buzzing and popping in my ear and I think my left headphone was over heating!

As I was quite tired at the time just switched all off and tested the headphones and some damage has occurred have any of you had a similar problem?

I really pissed off as all was sounding great and have 2 Langley mods to fit to CH 1 & 2

Would really appreciate any help before I go any further

Cheers Justin
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Re: HELP !!!!Problem with headphone output!

Postby AnalogStudio7 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:42 pm


Maybe you got the molex connector for the headphones shorted to the power rail somehow? Maybe you bridged a solder joint from a capacitor to a power rail trace?

Hey, I saw that GRS has the Langley mod boards at 50% off for cyber monday. Don't know if it's still going on today or not. I bought a bunch of them yesterday for our TAC Scorpion in our rehearsal room that we use for recording too. The mic pres were $23 each & free shipping !!!

Cheers, Greg
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