Euphonix CS2000 help!

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Euphonix CS2000 help!

Postby Junction » Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:08 pm

Have just acquired a studio with a Euphonix CS2000, 24 faderstrip, 1 x ES108 and Mixview 3.04, works lovely when it is working, everyday I have trouble booting this thing up, sometimes hangs during boot up, sometimes hangs just minutes after boot up and use, some modules sometimes do not initialise, I have problems guaranteed, everyday.

One thing I cannot find in the manuals is what order should I switch on, I have been following this order;

DSC console surface
MixView PC

Also there is no detail on how to exit MixView and switch off the PC, I have been just powering it down, which does not feel right.

The PC is a 486 DX2 66MHz, which I am worried about, anyone know what is the most current PC I could replace it with

Any help would be really appreciated.

Junction Audio
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Postby SFXPost » Sun Jan 20, 2008 6:21 am

We're Running a CS-3000 and have had no problems with the desk. The power-up order we use is Desk first, ES108s, tower and computer. If you attempt to touch any of the faders or other controls on the desk while it is booting it will create problems similar to what you are experiencing. Power down is just the reverse. One thing the guys who commissioned our desk advised was to leave it on. Which we do for the most part except for weekends when the room is not booked. You might check with Euphonix directly for additional help. There are a few guys there who specialize in these desks and can probably be more helpful than I.

Best of luck,

Helena E Schwoyer
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Re: Euphonix CS2000 help!

Postby Orphan Audio » Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:07 pm

There should be no issue with boot order, hanging, crashes, etc.. as long as the control surface and any accessories (ES-108, Cube) are on before you start the Mixview computer. The tower should always be last on, first off.
The Mixview computer is DOS based and does not care how it is started or shut down, nor is there any special shutdown procedure.
Performing a "ClearRam" or "KillRam" procedure on the control surface is helpful if you have freeze or crash issues during boot or title load (this ram resetting procedure should be in your software manual).
Also check all computer and control surface cables for tightness.

There is no reason to leave the system on as it is normally extremely reliable and designed to be completely recallable in minutes, additionally there is a huge savings in power cost.
The majority of serious damage to Euphonix CS consoles we have seen, has been when the console was left on overnight or over a weekend, and a power interruption occurred that caused damage to the tower and control surface power supplies.

If you are still experiencing problems, try reseating all surface modules, check control surface internal control cables in the belly pans and behind the modules and check the Eubus to computer cable for damage. Next would be reseating all computer cards in the mixview computer.

Good luck,
Ken Hirsch
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