Allen & Heath Saber Mk2 24:16:2 Permanently muted.

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Allen & Heath Saber Mk2 24:16:2 Permanently muted.

Postby Jono not Bono » Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:18 pm

Hi there,

I own an Allen and Heath Saber Series Mk2 24:16:2 Analogue Desk and I'm having a big problem with it so I was wondering if there is anybody here that could help?! I'd be so grateful!

I recently removed the Master module (M350) as I am trying to eliminate a Dry Solder joint (I can simply tap my finger/apply pressure anywhere on the Master section and crackling noises and sound comes from the Monitors along with audio completely vanishing from one side) so I decided the first port of call would be to use a can of Compressed air to blow any possible dirt/grime from all the components. To see if it had done anything, I plugged all the ribbon cables (correctly and not missing any pins and the right way round) back into the module and then plugged the module back into the fram. I then powered up the Desk and I suddenly saw the RETURNS 1,2,3, and 4 where muted (with their mute LEDS on). I also noticed that the LED with the words AUTOMUTE next to it was on also.

I have tryed turning the desk on and off many times to no avail. I have also tried clearing any mute information that could be stored in the Mute Automation panel and this has done nothing also. I can't see a physical button to turn Automute off so I have to assume it is turned off using the Mute Automation panel.

I bought my desk from my old Music College about 6 years ago and I seemed to remember my old Tutor telling me that there is actually a way of 'Locking' and 'Unlocking' the desk by holding a specific order of keys on the Mute Automation Panel when powering up the desk so I got in touch with him and he said there was but he can't remember (He also remember's it being a bit of a nightmare) as it was a long time ago. I got into touch with Allen and Heath and they said they simply don't support such old hardware anymore and to consult the Manual. I have and cannot find out how to fix this problem. Is anyone familiar with this desk and able to help as my desk is currently useless if the Returns are permanently muted.

I don't actually use the Mute Automation so I'm puzzled why from taking the Master Module out for a clean and then put back in has caused this. The manuals say that Mute Information is stored and 99% backed up using a NiCad battery so I was thinking if I REMOVE the battery it wipe the mute information and allow me to unmute the RETURNS! Well I removed it earlier and it appears to have done nothing (Although the battery was corroded so its probably better out than in I guess).

Thank you for your time and hope someone can help!

Jono not Bono
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