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PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:56 am
by nebichou
Hi !

We are a few in France to have this desk : Lafont Audio Labs Producer Series and was wondering if someone in other country has this desk...
Always had nice help here with my Matchless :) But finally sold it to a good friend, so his turn to work on it !
I have some questions about OPamps, because I can see I have not the same on each strip....
I think they have been partially replaced but I can find TL072 on some strips, whereas it's NE5532 on others....
Can someone tell me what's the good thing to put in replacement ? for inputs, outputs...
The original schematics show NE5532 x2 ou outputs, whereas I have only one TL072 or 5532... I can send pictures to show you my problem.
The fact is that my schematics were given to me by the manufacturer, but are not specific to my desk... each producer was a bit different, made by hand at order...

Hope someone will be interested in my problem !



PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:51 am
by nebichou
Ok, as there are 38 strips in TL072 and only 2 in NE5532, I decided to put TL072 on 40 strips (Colin told me, if it works like this, keep it like this). For now, I'll keep it like this and see !

However, new question : I have a noise from the desk, all strips send the same noise to the computer throught the 24 buses.
The noise looks like a Whistling at high frequencies, not regular, comes and goes away....
Did not have it few days ago during my first tests.....
As I have it on every strip, I was thinking it was a PSU issue or just interferences..
Any idea ?
I can maybe rec the noise if needed ;)

EDIT : as it can be anything, I'll first finish to recap the whole desk and see then, thanks !