Euphonix CS3000/ CS2000 PC QUESTIONS/HELP

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Euphonix CS3000/ CS2000 PC QUESTIONS/HELP

Postby skdko1 » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:49 pm


At the studio where I'm working, we are using a CS3000 mixer with mixview 3.2, and we have also a CS2000, the aim: having a spair of most of elements.

I have questions about the mixer's pc computer, I need help please.

A) what are the possibilites (compatibility with CS3000) to upgrade the computer ? Would it be possible to run this system with any motherboard that has ISA 16bits ports, and any cpu compatible with that motherboard ?

- About the video card:

We have problems because the screen integrated to the mixing desk doesn't work anymore.
I tested two eugraphix that are not broken, but it's not working.
I tested another module with an integrated screen (the one from cs2000) but it's not working.
So, it seems that the problem comes from the video card: " yamaha display master G771210".
This card is still working with the VGA external output but it seems that the 34pin connector (where you plug the eugraphix) is broken.
We are afraid because if this card crash, we would not have any screen anymore.
This yamaha card is very hard to find.

So I tried to find alternatives solutions:

- I replaced the integrated screen (Sharp Lq10d131) by a toshiba 10'4 640x480 screen, including a VGA driver board, and so, we are using the vga external output from the video card. It is working.

- I tested 4 others VGA video cards (PCI and ISA16bit). The computer is booting, the screen works, but Mixview does not fully load. I see the Mixview launchscreen and that the system is loading files (at the right bottom of the screen) and then, it indicates "project open" but it freezes on the mixview launchscreen, the EQ's screen never load. It's blocked. It seems that only this yamaha card is working with mixview.

B) Why? (drivers? firmware?)
C) Would it be possible that any vga card (ISA, PCI) compatible with the motherboard works with Mixview? What sould I do to make it?

- I found a Yamaha Display Master G776420 (YDM6420) CGA ISA8BIT.

This one is similar but quite different (it's an older one)

here is a picture of it:

http://printedcircuitboardmuseum.blogsp ... 76420.html


There is also a 34pin connector wich can also send a video signal.

Big differences:

CGA and not VGA
ISA8bit and not 16bit (but I know 16bit isa cards can work on 8bit ports)
1x 7jumpers/switches bloc and not 2X 8jumpers/switches blocs.

I know the different configurations of the 7jumpers/switches bloc for non flat panel screens (but the screens in the CS3000 are flat panel, so not really helpful I think...):

Switch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Monochrome: On, On, On, On, On, On, On
Color: Off, On, On, On, On, On, On
EGA: On, Off, On, On, On, On, On

There are also four others jumpers. I know this about them:

E1: Display Mode Jumper
E2: Character Set Jumper
E3: AutoInit Selection
E4: 4MHz or 16MHz Signal Selector

D) Do you think this card could work (even if colors would be limited, and maybe resolution too)
E) Do you think that I can crash PC hardware when I'm trying to configure the jumpers (I heard that it's possible with old ISA cards) ?

Thank you very much,
let me know,


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