Console hunting

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Console hunting

Postby Craig_Aspin2 » Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:18 pm


I’m on the hunt for a really nice Analog console, MCI, Harrison, DDA, Trident, Calrec, Chilton, etc, etc, that I can buy that’s cosmetically great and that is complete and working, but needing work, recap, service, even repair to some areas. But not made of money, Keep seeing stuff sub £2,000 and should have bought them.....But really after advice from those in more know than me

It needs to be modular I need to use it and repair/improve as and when can get my local friend/tech to help and funds allow.

That way over time I end up with a lovely classic desk that has a great, ‘punchy’ sound, musical and warm. Harrison 32 series or MCI poss favourite for this type of sound but any advice appreciated.

I write Electronic Music, and like to get it a little dirty it up sometimes, for film and Deephouse.

32 inputs or above but won’t turn away from 24 inputs just depends what, smaller MCI etc.

Love that Thriller Sound, Barry White, Abba etc.... but 80's for even 90's too, like Otari ??

Automation not essential, prefer sonics.

Oh and looking cool, by now you get my drift.

Thanks for your time, please let me know if you can send advice my way....

I have a Studer 962/Apogee Symphony Set up now using mainly an Awesome Synclavier 9600 and Moog Voyager....

All the best
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Re: Console hunting

Postby GJC Designs » Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:21 pm

I can only really comment on the Calrec, Harrison and MCI elements of your questions

That is a very tall order.
There are many conflicts in your list of wants.
£2k for any Calrec console must assume that the console was acquired out of a skip for free and that the seller has not done anything to the console, other than maybe go over it with a duster.

Cosmetically great consoles, such as say, a Calrec 24-channel M-Series, will have had the modules stripped and facia plates cleaned, as well as having the control knobs removed and ultrasonically cleaned. It's likely to also have had the fader panels re-painted and re-printed. There's £2k+ gone already.

Complete and working consoles at the level of Calrec, Harrison and MCI will already have been re-capped, serviced and repaired if they are to be realistically sold on to customers who want a console that is in working condition.

Sorry for the bad but realistic news.
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Re: Console hunting

Postby Jim Williams » Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:06 am

I've seen Harrison 3232's sell for $500. The same guy that bought that one also got a 40 input Raven for $800. He's in Orange County, California.

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