Studer 963 recap

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Studer 963 recap

Postby makrel » Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:10 am

Happy New Year to all!
I'm a new forum member from Denmark with my own little basement studio.
This is my first post, and it's about my Studer 963 which you can see in the first image.


I'm planning to do a complete recap of all electrolytic capacitors (EL's) over a long time, and I have started up with the power supply stabilizer cards in image 2, where you can see that I've already replaced some of the original Philips axial caps which are light blue.
The new axial cap type is the dark blue one visible on the left. I have carefully selected the ones I believe will have the longest lifespan, namely, the Vishay 120 ATC series with nominal endurance of 8000h at 125 C. At normal operating temperature, this should of course be much longer.


I'll soon finish replacing those rather large axials in the power supply, and then my plan is to start using he console - all channel strips currently work.

From time to time I'll take it out of operation, recap one complete channel strip, and then use the console normally again.

My question for you guys is about selecting the type of radial capacitors for the channel strips.
As indicated with yellow circles in the last image, there are actually only two types (with very exceptions):

1) 100 uF, 10 V
2) 100 uF, 16 v

... but there's a lot of them - approx. 1300 x 1) and 300 x 2)


For this type of console, Mr Jim Williams advised somewhere to replace opamps with newer types which would allow many of those caps to be discarded.

However, I would prefer a more purist approach, and "just" replace all EL's (and tantalums) with new caps of the same value. Doing channel by channel over a long time seems possible. Of course I could experiment with different cap types and try to compare them soundwise, but I would prefer to select one type up front and then get started.

With that in mind, I think I've narrowed it down to a choice between:

1) Nichicon FG: ... R50twy4%3d


2) Panasonic FR: ... f391JJo%3d

Obviously, the sound is important, but I also prioritize life time which is why my Panasonic candidate is the FR version (5000h at 105 C) rather than the FM (2000h at 105 C).

However, if the real life time is more or less the same even if I choose a cap that is rated at 85 C, I wouldn't mind spending a bit extra to get the Nichicon FG which seems to be praised by "audiophiles".

So, basically my question is which type would you choose? (and why?)
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