Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

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Re: Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

Postby neyzensia » Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:04 pm

Guys, I have a Dynamix 24 trk console I picked up from a gearhead named Don in LA a few years ago. It had been modded by Dave Gallo. I have been having issues with intermitent crackling and popping sounds & am in the middle of mixing down an album. Seriously frustrating! Dave had gone through it before, but couldn't find the source of the crackling.
Anyways, can anyone offer any insite on this board in general? I like the sound, but it gets a bit noisy with all 24 trks live during mixing.
I'm just debating on taking it in top the shop and seeing if it can be fixed, or just scrapping it all together and looking at a Toft. Just afraid to put a ton of money into a black hole...
What do you think, if its gone through by someone knowledgable, will it be solid, or should I just move on???
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Re: Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

Postby bzardeley » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:04 pm

I built a custom power supply a few years ago for a client that owned one of these. I don't have much to say about the sound quality of the console itself, but I can provide you with a basic block diagram for you/your tech if that would be useful.
Hope that helps-
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Re: Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

Postby rob s » Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:33 pm

fix it.
its better than a toft.
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Re: Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

Postby Bleiz » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:32 pm

Hi all, I'm new here and from Sweden, have done engineering since 1987 in studios as both employee and after 1995 as freelance and studio owner at 3 different places, Trident 80B, Soundcraft Series II and Ghost MMC etc, today I bought me this Dynamix 3000 after having read some on this site as well as elsewhere!
Seems you can make it decent and the question is how and what to do to go for the old and/or a cleaner more neutral (if possible) sound???

Appreciate any input, docs and instructions here, I know well how to solder etc, my model is 16:8:2 mint bopught 1986 and had the same owner up til now w. very very little use & w. the bargraph leds upper right***


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Re: Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

Postby Jim Williams » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:51 pm

I lost my schematics but they are simple. They have 2 versions, active and transformer mic preamps. The EQ gets Wima FKP-2/MKP-2 caps and the opamps can be LME49720/OPA1642/OPA1612/AD8512. Some are SOIC so you need adaptors. Add .1 uf caps from the power pins 4 and 8 to ground. The mic pre with the transformer is a single opamp, a LME49710,OPA1611 are good choices. Check DC offsets, some el caps may be able to be removed.
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Re: Dynamix 3000 16:8:2 desk info wanted

Postby Napoleon » Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:21 am

Hi guys

New here, yay blah blah !

I have a Starsound Dynamix 16:8:2 recently acquired. I want to also use it as mixer and possible pre-amp into my DAW Logic Pro.

I have opened it up and sprayed pots and general clean up. The console was in a bit of a sorry state, but expected for its age. It works, but keeps dropping volume from one of the channels randomly.
I believe I have singled out the problem to the monitor knob (or master bus) as when monitoring it cuts here but seems to send signal on through main outputs.
If this was the only problem I could live with it, but when volume drops it seems to affect the channel inputs too. Which all seems kind of strange.

It sounds like a capacitor has blown, but I can't see which one as they all look ok, looking inside console.

I'm NOT a dab hand at electronics, but don't have problem in attempting to solder.

Does any one have a clue as to what to do ???
All stuff looks stock with exception of one pot that someone replaced in the past.

Any help would be great - Mr Jim Williams ???

I'm based in UK, Kent so can't get console to states lol!

Thanks for help guys !!
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