TAC 16/8/2 vs SOUNDCRAFT 6000

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TAC 16/8/2 vs SOUNDCRAFT 6000

Postby mctlima » Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:58 pm

hey there, I own an old TAC 16/8/2 console that I recapped 4 months ago. But today I was offerd to buy (almost for free) a SOUNDCRAFT 6000 with patchbay. This one needsa deep cleaning and perhaps recapping. I was never a big fan of soundcraft consoles, but apart from the series five or m3h live consoles, I only tried the undecent spirit series.
Well, does it worth the effort on retunring the 6000 to its former glory? what does it sound like?
by the way, i cant fine any pics of the mixer online, but it does not have bargraph leds but VUS.

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