2-mix and other mods on MCI 600 series

In the late 70's, over half of the records in Billboard's Top 200 were recorded and/or mixed using MCI equipment.

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2-mix and other mods on MCI 600 series

Postby mikethebike » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:25 am

Hi Folks,

I thought I would drop a note to ask what people have done to bring their 600 series up to date/modify and how it sounded. For example, I am sure there was one mod on the 2-mix replacing the 2-amp single IC ACN with a descret Op-Amp of the 990 variety, but I can't find any further details of it. Has anyone else made a mod in the area and what was the result - I would be intrested to know.

Also, what mods have folks made on the channel in terms of IC swaps and was there any improvement as my understanding is that the 2003/2004 were cherry-picked Signetics 5534/5532, which are not bad chips in anyones book. Is there a register or note book anywhere of any hot-rods?

My console is a 32 channel populated at 26 made in 1971 using standard VU meters. I have replaced the automated faders with P&G 5/10K faders via a small converter board as there were a few faulty and the DBX 202c always sounds grainy to me. I then use the channel switches for Solo and Mute. I also have PPMs strapped in parallel with the VU meters on the main bus, which I do find very useful, and seperated out the 2-mix stereo fader to 2 individual faders.

Any information of the above would be gratefully received,

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