Dixson Meter question

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Dixson Meter question

Postby electrochronic » Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:15 am

The MCI Dixson labeled meters for the JH416A, B consoles seem to have a special rectifier installed.
Its a square looking rectifier that looks to be of special construction. I compared this MCI Dixson meter
to a identical Dixson meter without the MCI labeled scale and it has germanium rectifiers installed.

Is there a reason why both of these Model 330 Dixson meters have two entirely different rectifiers
installed. I suspect the MCI Dixson meter has a special low votage drop rectifier designed especially
to be placed directly in the audio path. It seems the Dixson meters with the Germanium diodes need to run with a buffer board , while the MCI Dixson do not require a buffer board. I suspect the germanium one run without a buffer board will introduce significant distortion to any audio signal run thru its circuit. It also apears the Non-MCI Dixson model 330 meter
is not a suitable plug in replacement meter without the special rectifier.

Can any MCI specialists confirm this.
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