Primal Gear Technical Solutions

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Primal Gear Technical Solutions

Postby crunch » Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:11 pm

Primal Gear now offers complete console restoration and customization. From complete Recapping and Rechipping to custom wiring we can prepare your console for any application.

In an effort to offer complete customer care Primal Gear proudly announces our new Technical Solutions department. Vintage consoles require a considerable amount of special care to maintain their sonic quality. Often these consoles have operated for many years on their original components. As these components wear over a time there is a significant loss of sound quality and an eventual loss of functionality. A thorough and professional replacement of all these components can provide the original sound quality that made these old consoles so special. Aside from sounding great, a fully reconditioned console ensures dependability for the future.

The weakest points in a vintage recording console are the old Capacitors that have been running hot for any number of years. One of the most noticeable symptoms of worn or leaky caps is a thin sounding signal, lacking the punch and dynamic range that a healthy circuit portrays. The replacement of these Capacitors is one of the most beneficial upgrades for any vintage desk. As capacitors begin to wear, there is a very noticeable decrease in low frequency response. As time goes on, more and more frequencies roll off until finally the caps finally fail.

Today's technology allows for a higher standard in the selection of electronic components. Better choices are available for the replacement of Capacitors and Integrated Circuits used in these consoles. We pride ourselves with constantly experimenting with different parts manufacturers and component designs to find the most innovative and sonically impressive solutions.
Your studio is only as strong as its weakest link. A great console and great gear are only great when they are performing at 100% of their potential. Proper console maintenance or refurbishment can ensure your taking advantage of everything your console has to offer.

Primal Gear offers custom wiring and audio interfacing:

Most vintage consoles were not designed to interface with the new digital technology that we use today. Interfacing older analogue desks with modern day equipment can be confusing and expensive. Primal Gear offers complete custom wiring solutions for any console in any situation. Some of the common connections we work with are

Elco (EDAC)
DL (Cannon)
DB-25 (D-Sub)

When purchasing a vintage console there is a considerable amount of work involved in getting your new desk up and running. Primal Gear is here to make that transition as painless as possible.

Primal Gear, Inc.
632 W Iris Dr.
Nashville, TN 37214
tel 877-LOV-GEAR / 615-269-0704
fax 615-269-0905

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