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Need help with your console and/or gear? This is a list of companies and individuals whom you can call to come work on your console.

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Technicians For Hire

Postby countryrockstar » Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:24 pm

My name is Mike Baker, my experience has got me several nicknames, because of my valve amp design and repair with mainly vintage Fender Amps they named me “The Tube Dude” my studio mixing desk design, operation and maintenance work got me named “The Console Kid” and my guitar and vocals with country rock band “Sioux Ponies” meant I got called “Country Rockstar”. I worked for Trident at Shepperton 35 years ago and my main experience is with 3 mixers they made at that time, then two large studio consoles, the Trident Tri-mix series 70, the Trident Series 80 and the small portable system that I don’t recall the name of. I new John Oram quite well. I also had a great deal of experience with early 70’s Harrison inline consoles MR5’s and 36/24’s .I know enough about most large analogue mixers to fix faults and have just had a crash course in several Amek and T.A.C. Mixers needing one for my own studio. I have also worked on Canary, TrackTeck, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Soundtracks and many other analogue systems. I have worked on Ampex, Studer, 3Ms, MCI, Revox, and other Tape Machines. Up to 24 track.
I am happy to consult on anything for train fare and hotel fees. And undertake work for a day rate. Health permitting. Mail me at my cell is 07989467519 or home 01929556813 I live in the sunny south of England but will travel any part of G.B. for interesting projects.
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