SSM2017/that1510 replacements

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SSM2017/that1510 replacements

Postby Jim Williams » Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:45 am

I have a small 1"x 1.2" square module to replace the ssm2017/ssm2019/INA217/that1510 mic preamp chips. It's the PIP or plug in preamp. It's a discrete/hybrid design with extremely low noise transistors and a 3000v/us slew rate opamp. 21 parts are fitted and it just plugs into an 8 pin socket.

It's -129.6 EIN unweighted input noise, .0006% THD, .0002% IMD, over 200k bandwidth without phase shift. Output current is over 100 ma and these will drive 150 ohm loads.

I have retrofitted these into the Toft ATB console with great results. They will also fit the Trident S-20 mic pre, the DAV mic pre, Symetrix 302, dbx760X, D+R and Amek consoles, anywhere the 8 pin mic pre chip is used.

Pics and specs are posted on the Audio Upgrades web site including Toft installation.

These have been updated with Dale rn50 mil spec resistors and 3% silver solder lead free. They are now RoHS complient.
Price is $50 each.
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