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DDA CS3 16 Track Power Supply

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:28 am
by 63tele
I am new here and joined because I came into the possession of a DDA CS3 Console. Don't know much about them and have been unable to power it up and check it out. It appears from reading that it needs to have a power supply...which I don't have and so far have been unable to locate. This is how I found this Forum and am hoping that you all can point me in the right direction as to obtaining one or even if not, somebody would be interested in the console for at least it's parts. My preference would be to get it working and set it up along with a digital system I own and have the best of both worlds. Let me thank all in advance for any help or direction you may be able to give me. I do have the Schematics, Manual, and Sales Brochure. Thanks again! Ken