"Terry's Rubber Rollers & Wheels"-Anyone here

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"Terry's Rubber Rollers & Wheels"-Anyone here

Postby subvertrecordings » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:58 pm

Hello All,

I've been looking to replace the gummed-up pinch roller on my Otari MX 5050 Mk. III-8. I can get a brand new roller from Athan or JRF for around $140.00. But I've recently found this


I was wondering if anyone here has used this service, and if so:

1.) Were you adequately satisfied for the price?

2.) Did your re-built roller "pop right on" without resetting pinch roller pressures, etc.?


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Postby jensenmann » Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:09 am

I have no expierience with this company but I know of several folks at the groupdiy.com forum who have successfully dealt with them. Have a look over there, maybe you can contact some of these guys.
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