BBC Calrec Q series MK 11 Info Please...

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BBC Calrec Q series MK 11 Info Please...

Postby seedubs » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:07 am

Hi. I was hoping to find out a bit of info about a Calrec "Q2 MK2 desk built for the BBC. It was used by the BBC big band rehearsal hall and was fitted with 10 mono channels with direct outs and 12 stereo channels w/o direct outs. I was hoping some of the serious Calrec veterans could provide any info they might have either on the exact desk or another q series of this vintage (Late 80'S TO 90'S?) I am seriously considering buying the desk and getting it back making music in our B room. The A room has an SSL 8000GB. The only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is the fact that I can find nothing about this particular vintage Q series. It is my hope that it is a pre surface mount design and oriented toward music production (as opposed to broadcast). It would seem from the pictures that it shares the form factor with the UA 8000 desks with the modular eq and routing/fader banks although they are not the same module designations. As I am making this leap of faith based on Calrec's stellar reputation for solid build quality and clean quit specs it would be quite comforting to have any and all opinions this forum is willing to provide so I may make the most informed decision possible. I have included a link to the ebay auction so you can see the desk in question. Thanks in advance for any help you could lend me in understanding the details and design philosophy behind this little piece of British Broadcast history.
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