Compact has new PSU! and now....

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Compact has new PSU! and now....

Postby idolsound » Sat Aug 09, 2008 11:45 am

Just got my PSU serviced and the console powered up just fine. some of the bulbs are out but i have high hopes for this eBay find.I got the internal tone generator rocking and the meters jumpin. I have a few spare modules as well.
i'm in need of cables. . my question is concerning the EDAC pinouts. I have a manual for the medium compact so i think i'm missing some info. THe diagram for the EDAC pin out is in letters. What pin is "A" etc?
Is there a standard for edac? if i buy a pre-made edac56 to XLR will i be good or will i have to do a custom cable?Image

what is the deal with the calrec C logo? some modules have just the C others have the C with dot on the top of the crest of the C. Is the date when these changed?

What is the REMT? Was there an automation option for this desk?

btw- yes this console is labeled #002!!! It came from the BBC by way of Seattle to LA! I was told it was part of a much larger board.
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Postby Matt Syson » Sat Aug 09, 2008 3:11 pm

The EDAC letters are stamped on the face of the connectors next to the relevany pin. They are VERY small however and often not easy to see. It may help by looking at the mating connector to locate 'A'.
Once you have found pin A you can work across then down the connector noting that some letters are not used. I for example.
The pinout is probably NOT a standard used by any other manufacturers but hopefully will be consistet across all CALREC connectors.
Someone else will have to answer the other questions.
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Postby idolsound » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:47 am

Thanks! i got the pinouts figured for the line ins. What i think i need to do first is to test the modules individually. How would i go about that? I currently looking for the schematics. i've e-mailed calrec but i've heard they charge a LOT for them....
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Postby Richard Lumb » Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:12 pm

The console looks like it was made from different consoles or during the transition phase of new and old logo.
The logo on the picture was current until a couple of years ago.
The C with dot was an original Calrec Logo but changed to the simpler C as part of re-branding around 1991-92.
The Compact was a design completed after the move from AMS.
The earlier ones ran a bit warm.
Lots of facilities in a small space.
EDAC's phase first pin, out of phase second pin, in brackets are screen pins
Odd connectors were the A leg and even the B leg
So VP2 would be for B legs of stereo modules VP3 for A leg of stereo
Mono modules was Mic (A leg)and line inputs (B leg)
Pinout the same for all input EDACs

VP1 was for Main, aux , LS, Tone, Desk and line outputs
Typical pinout
Screen on pins H,T,w,FF
e,h,f,j not used.
Each module has DIL switches to set insert and direct out puts prefader, post fader or pre EQ.
So unless these are switched out you may not get anything out the desk.
the ANC connector has External MUTEs and VCA control lines and remote start. The RMT led just lights to indicate the fader is open to remotely start a tape machine etc. It pulls low one of the pins from 5v.

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