Moderator's Introduction.

Founded in 1973, Soundcraft first made its mark with the launch of the Series 1, the first mixing console in a flightcase.

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Moderator's Introduction.

Postby GJC Designs » Wed Jan 24, 2007 5:10 pm

In the first months after this most excellent website was launched, Soundcraft had been without a moderator..... well, no longer! I was approached to moderate Soundcraft, but initially turned down the suggestion on the grounds that most of my knowledge is ancient history (plus I was already moderating Calrec). Well, circumstances change, and I am now also moderating Soundcraft.

Some background on Soundcraft and also myself......

Soundcraft had been going about 9 years when I joined the company as a module/desk tester. Within 4 months I had moved into R&D and was doing PCB design, working directly for Graham Blyth. Early 1983 saw a major development project come into R&D with a tight timescale - the Series 4 PA console. At the time it was the most advanced PA console that the company had produced. I was asked if I would like to work on the project, and very soon had most of the circuit and PCB design work to do (in the days before computer aided design). The challenge was to get a working console on the APRS trade show in June; just 4 months away. Many weeks of 16 hour days, 7 days a week got the project done and Soundcraft got their flagship PA console on show in a working condition, and I was not yet 22 years old.

Other projects followed rapidly, with various levels of design involvement and responsibility for the 500, 600, 200B, TS24 and other consoles, plus a constant stream of stereo modules and product enhancements.

During 1986, frustrations grew as the only design work coming my way was the run-of-the-mill stuff that I was able to turn-round very quickly - module upgrades and production engineering. Soundcraft were working on an assignable console, and it was a project I was desperate to get in on. In my own time I had done quite a lot of research into electronic routing matrix systems - somewhat relevant to assignable consoles, but I was told that there was nothing useful I could contribute to the project. :x

I left Soundcraft shortly thereafter to take up the position of Technical Director at Nemesis Electronics, developing EQs, distribution amps and foldback systems. Some truly excellent contacts, friendships and professional associations were formed in the 2 years that I had this role, and these have all been nurtured. Technical & studio experience was gained on a Calrec UA8000 in London.

When Nemesis was acquired by Shep Associates, I moved back to Soundcraft as Senior Design Engineer, working with Douglas Self on the 3200 Recording Console.

Most of the rest of my time at Soundcraft up to mid-1992 saw involvements in R&D, design and new product specification, including various Delta variants, Sapphyre, Europa, Vienna and other consoles whose names elude me at the present time.

From Soundcraft I moved on to Focusrite for a year, working on the Studio Console and some of the Red modules.

Mid 1993 saw me move into freelance/self-employment, the first contract being with Calrec Audio. Unlike Soundcraft, Calrec acknowledged that I had something useful to offer to the design of assignable consoles - I worked as part of the design team developing the T-Series. Close contact is maintained with Calrec.

Enough of history & background!

Back to Soundcraft - where possible, I will help answer questions, but please remember that post-1992, my direct knowledge is limited. Anyone interested in co-moderating for the more recent Soundcraft products will be welcome!

GJC Designs has been operating as a full-time business since 1993.
The business undertakes design projects and manufacture of analogue equipment, details of which are in the "Technicians For Hire" section of this website. Consoles and equipment support can be catered for, either directly or in association with specialist engineers.

Thanks for dropping by.

Gareth Connor,
GJC Designs.

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