Soundcraft 600 Output Issue :(

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Re: Soundcraft 600 Output Issue :(

Postby elgordorecordings » Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:22 pm

Thanx Derrick. As soon as i'm back in my studio (in 3 weeks time, now working my ass of on a little Caribian Isle called Boniare) i'll try your sugestions.

If the connections aren't the problem, what else could go wrong? Can i rule out the PSU in this case?

I removed one jumper in the mastersection to place it in the +4/-10 option. I think it was a jumper from the aux-send, which i don't use, cause all my FX come from my DAW outputs and the go back in my DAW, using an AD converter. (i realy like it to connect my hardware FX that way, so i can automate the sends en record the outputs to keep them in my DAW if i ever have to go back to a mix).

Now i think of it, i'm not realy sure if it was a jumper from an aux master......have to look at that aswell.

Anymore suggestions?
best regards

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Re: Soundcraft 600 Output Issue :(

Postby Derrick » Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:19 pm

Yes, always look at what changed at the time of a problem for clues!
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