Sapphyre strange crosstalk.

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Sapphyre strange crosstalk.

Postby SnM » Tue May 13, 2014 6:41 am

Hi guys.
I have recently purchased a 28 frame Sapphyre with patchbay (28 i/o modules and 3 twin stereo modules).
The console had automation before, and I pulled out all the VCA cards and original VCA taper P&G faders.
REplaced all the faders (including the master) with K type Alps and all is good. I've also changed a few bad switches, and planning to get Jim's (Audio upgrades) master section mod as well, as I've heard it yields some nice results.
So all is good ....
...except some really loud Crosstalk. And this is only from an odd numbered channel, into other odd numberedchannels (or the other way around, even to even channels).
I would have, let's say, channel 1 fader all the way down and signal going into that channel. FAder 2 and 3 would be at unity gain with master fader all the way down. MOving the master fader to about -65db would start introducing the Crosstalk. With master fader at 0, the signal heard from the fader 3 would be pretty loud, and not full bandwidth (not much below 200-300hz leaks).
Attenuating any of the even numbered channels does nothing, but attenuating odd numbered channels, reduces the crosstalk. CRosstalk is quieter as you move away from the channel that has signal going into it. (from channel 1, leakage is loudest in channel 3, bit quieter in ch 5, more quiet in ch 7 etc..)
IS this a standard case of Crosstalk, or does this ring some different alarm bells? I really haven't had this issue before, with a few other consoles I've owned.
Another weird issue I have with one of the modules is that signal sounds fine through the channel fader (small one on the Sapphyre), but it sounds weak/high-passed in the monitor (long throw) fader.
Any ideas?

THanks very much in advance.
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