Vienna II technical/service manual

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Vienna II technical/service manual

Postby qbx » Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:32 am

Hi guys!

I bought Vienna II 40ch in transport case w/doghouse for just 150EUR=190USD. It looked fairly clean, had both power leads and no PSU. First input channel had jammed mute button and fader was somewhat clogged and didn't move correctly. Somewhere on the board one pot cap was missing. Still at this price I couldn't leave it there.
I started to search for PSU and found I could use original two PSU combination (CPS 750; 500) or any of CPS900; 950; 1000 alone. I decided to get the latest, but found that there's none to buy and if there would, say, on ebay, it cost me a steep 2000+USD . Also I contacted Soundcraft by e-mail and they redirected me to local dealer which is still trying to find the PSU for me. When I asked them for a tech manual they said that it's only available on request for their service department exclusively, which means their service with humangous transportation and service cost. So in turn I've found people which will build the PSU and tune it from scratch and help service the board as well. So I am on my mission to find any documentation I can. So far I've downloaded from SC site CPS 1000 tech and user manual on which base my PSU will be built and Vienna II user manual, but no luck finding Vienna II tech/service manual.

Can somebody help me with this?

Thank you,
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Re: Vienna II technical/service manual

Postby GJC Designs » Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:59 am

Soundcraft will be the only place guaranteed to be able to supply the manual you are seeking.
It will cost whatever is the going rate for that particular manual.
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