Spares, Service parts & Useful Things Available

Neve’s founding father was Rupert Neve, who formed Neve in 1961. Since then, things have gotten, shall we say, interesting..

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Spares, Service parts & Useful Things Available

Postby GJC Designs » Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:24 am

CML Audio (associated with ScotchMcNeil Audio & GJC Designs) has a number of items available for sale.

All of these items have been designed as a result of us wanting to improve things that were already in existence, or the result of a "Hey, it would be really useful if we had a [particular gizmo]"..... so we designed and made our own! We use these in our own workshop as well as supply them to our customers.

This is a small selection of our "useful gizmos":

Relay card - Compatible replacement for EV11319. ... relay-pcb/
This is fully compatible with the Neve EV11319/B relay card used in the V and VR consoles.
As well as all the Neve facilities this card has additional control lines to switch all relays on or off.
There is also a LED tally indicator for each relay that glows when the relay is energised – particularly useful for fault-finding and tracing in a Neve console.

Extender cables - DIN41612 ... er/#Images
64-way & 96-way extender cables for console service & repair work (Not only Neve, but also Calrec, Amek & others). All our extenders feature a set of test points that are labelled for easy pin identification.

Mix-Amp Card - EV11694 Legend equivalent ... mp/#Images
This is an equivalent to the Neve EV11694 Legend Mix Amp. It is not a substitute for the EV11694 as the differences in sound and specification are not that different to warrant a replacement.
There are 4 balanced mix amps with extended bandwidth.
Any Neve V or VR console mix amp can be replaced with this card to give it the sonic characteristics and the electrical performance of the “Legend” mix amp that was only ever fitted into VR Legend consoles.

V-Series Cut, Solo & Overdub Switches. ... -switches/
This product is designed to replace the original ITW Licon switch unit as used by Neve and AMS Neve on the V Series console channel modules.
The original ITW / Licon switch cap is increasingly difficult to source, the bases are available but only on recommendation to use LED illumination for which the channel module must be modified.
This switch assembly replaces the entire original switch and associated incandescent lamp and plugs directly into the existing switch base within the small fader section of the channel module.
As part of the design criteria, the new unit replaces the incandescent lamp with LED without having to modify any circuitry inside the channel module.

VR Aux Meter LED Illumination ... umination/
On Neve VR / VL / VX consoles the Aux meter section is illuminated by two festoon type lamps. These are wired in series and therefore if one fails, the other also stops working. In most cases, these lamps may last in the region of 2-3 years.
As a business whose engineers have replaced and fought with the dis-assembly and re-assembly numerous times, we appreciate the hassle involved for the sake of a blown lamp! We have created an LED assembly that replaces the lamp assembly and we expect the LED illumination should last a minimum of 12-15 years!

VR Equaliser Test Jig ... ig/#Images
If you have a requirement for regular repairs or servicing of the Neve VR EQ EV11491 modules we have a solution to make life that little bit easier.
The jig is available fully assembled and tested or in kit form. Both assembled and kit versions are supplied with full instructions detailing how to use the jig and the typical expected results.

DIN41612 Break-out Card ... kout-card/
A PCB designed to accept 64 a/b or 64 a/c or 96 a/b/c DIN41612 type connectors, male or female, vertical or right-angle. Ideal for bench connection to channel modules or cards using the DIN41612 type connectors. Uses include test-jigs, custom build of products, module racking-up, cable breakouts, interfacing to backplanes, etc.

Source Selector & Level Pot ... tput-card/
Although designed for the 51 Series consoles as a pre-fade/post-fade direct output selector, this card can be used in any application where one of two signals needs to be selected to one output.
The inputs & the output are all balanced.
The switch is illuminated red or green, depending on the selected input.
A level control sets the level at the balanced output.

Balanced Output for Neve 51-Series ... rd/#Images
This assembly is designed as an add-in for Neve 51 series modules with no direct output, Neve 51 series modules that require a direct output earlier in the module audio path or, as a replacement to the high voltage output drive transistor circuit used on the direct outputs / inserts / master outputs.
The base board comprises of a gain stage with or without phase shift and a balancing amplifier.
Running off +/-16V, it can be placed anywhere in the audio path and the mounting screw allows it to be located securely within the channel module where the output transformers usually sit.
Three types are available: a) gain and in phase, b) gain with phase shift 180 degrees and c) output balancing only.
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