D&R Orion for sale

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D&R Orion for sale

Postby thebigpill » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:06 am

Location: Berlin, Germany
Price: €5000 (=4201 + 799 V.A.T., V.A.T. may be waived if sold out of country...)

The lovely board is a 24+8(groups)= 32 inline channels, plus 14 stereo returns, 8-bus fully overhauled D&R Orion from about 1993, including automation (never used it- but it's Atari based and supposedly works...)

It's currently in the shop following a complete check and calibration with repairs where necessary. It's got a few cosmetic defects (paint rubbed off on the corners, a small rip in the vinyl arm rest), but technically it's in perfect condition.

Please bear in mind that although out-of-town buyers are welcome, I will not arrange shipping. I've had bad experiences with this sort of thing, so I repeat: I will not lift a finger to arrange anything with regard to packing, shipping, or customs. For my purposes, I am selling as-is and for pickup by the buyer or his/her agent.

There are photos in my Flickr stream starting at:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/freebornso ... hotostream

Also, the main banner on the archived site of my old studio is a photo of the board:

Please feel free to contact me at mail@freebornsound.com with any questions.
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