Soundcraft Venue II Mixer + NEW power supply + extra parts

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Soundcraft Venue II Mixer + NEW power supply + extra parts

Postby drgkdx » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:17 pm

Soundcraft Venue II Mixer + NEW power supply + extra parts

I am selling an entire package of Venue II stuff.
I have a complete board, setup and functioning as a 20x8x2
in a 16 channel frame. (12 Mono inputs+4 Stereo inputs)
Has the Dual group modules with additional stereo inputs on faders for a total
of 28 available inputs on mix down.
Works 100%, quiet, no issues. A lot of Venue/Delta boards out there seem to be WELL worn with lots of use.
This board is NOT. It is clean, in used, but great shape.

I'm also including an additional 12 Mono input modules.
So the sale includes a TOTAL of 24 RS5149 Mono input modules,
and 4 RS5150 Stereo inputs, as well as 2 extra RS5152 Dual Group modules.
I'm also including an empty 24 channel(30space) frame as well as a 32 channel(38 space) frame.

The power supply is custom made using high quality Power ONE Linear supplies.
It supplies 5 amps for each rail (+/-17) and 500ma 48v for phantom power.
Typically a 16 or 24 frame SC board would be powered by a CPS450.
5 amps per rail is MORE than even a CPS 650 puts out, so this will handle just about anything you can throw at it.

I’m also including a bunch of spare parts so you will be able to keep this going for years.
I have extra Faders, a bag of NEW pushbutton switches, extra knobs, push button caps, plenty of (used) pots including the dual ganged 10k pots, fader caps, light bulbs, extra ribbons, as well as blank module strips/fillers.

Looking to sell it all as a package, not part out.

$1995 for everything i have

Located in Central Ct.(USA)
This is really to much and too heavy to ship so pickup, or meeting is the only option.
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