Neotek Elite 48-channel 24-bus console for sale

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Neotek Elite 48-channel 24-bus console for sale

Postby badbrad » Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:38 pm

Neotek Elite
48-channel, 24-bus recording console with meter bridge.
Includes 8x 96-point TT patch bays.
Includes dozens of 18-inch and 36-inch TT patch cables.
Includes 2x PSU’s (1 is non-functioning).
Includes 2x custom made monitor shelves.

DSC_0114 copy.JPG

DSC_0097 copy.JPG

DSC_0099 copy.JPG

DSC_0102 copy.JPG

DSC_0105 copy.JPG

DSC_0121 copy.JPG

This console was the heart of Saint Cecilia Studios A-Room for the last 3 years. Many records were lovingly made through this console. Onboard preamps are very transparent and clean. HPF and EQ are very friendly. Routing options are great. Buttons up design makes getting signal to “tape” very fast and straight-forward.

Cosmetically in better than excellent condition (not quite mint but very solid). Not a single missing knob and very clean. All faders feel smooth and sound great. Electronically in better than average to good condition. There are some expected electronic issues here and there but all normal stuff for the age of this analog console. For example, the talkback buttons stick or don’t work sometimes although the talkback mic itself does work. The monitor dim switch has been removed to avoid an intermittent switching issue. The bus ribbon cables could stand to be replaced. The biggest issue is that one of the PSU’s kept blowing fuses so we unplugged half of the board channels and ran the console as a 24 channel for the last year, however, all 48 channels are fully functional.

Excellent opportunity for someone to get an amazing console.

Overall Dimensions: 135” (side to side) x 44” (frontmost surface to rearmost surface) x 18.5” (top of meter bridge to bottom surface)

Weight: estimated around 1000 pounds.

The custom built monitor shelves are square steel tube frame with wood shelf. Each is 44” tall x 60” wide x 11.5” deep shelves.

Located in downtown Tucson, AZ and available for viewing in person.
Additional/Specific photos by request.
Buyer responsible for arranging pickup and shipping.
Willing to facilitate sale, moving, and shipping as much as possible.
Direct message if you’d like to know something specific or talk to me over the phone.

$15k OBO
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