Replacing Nylatch with Well Nuts for less that $100.

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Replacing Nylatch with Well Nuts for less that $100.

Postby foxriver » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:43 pm

A couple of weeks ago I happily removed all of the Nylatch fasteners from the modules of my 80B console and replaced them with Well Nuts purchased from Grainger, P/N 3ZLV8. Well Nuts, I learned, are basically rubber rivets that have many uses such as holding fiberglass body parts on snowmobile frames. This particular Well Nut has a brass 6/32 threaded nut molded into the bottom of the part. They come in packs of 25 ($17.00 USD) so $68 does the job with plenty of spares left over.

To install each well nut I recommend: Use a cue tip to apply a little silicone to the holes at each end of the module and twist a well nut into each hole. It's a bit of a bitch after a while but a nice firm fit in the module hole. It's also a really nice fit into the console with no mod to the frame required. After installing a couple of modules I began to get the feel of how to drop them into the frame with ease. Total time was about 4 hours.

To complete the mod: Install black 6/32" screws, 1/2" in length, and black nylon washers 4mm id, 9mm od, 1mm thick. I bought the screws and washers for $14 from ebay. No need to over torque the screws... a modest amount of torque compresses and expands the rubber beneath the frame hole enough to hold the modules firmly.

After a couple of weeks of use the well nuts/modules are holding nicely, Aux On/Off switching is solid, and no electrical connection issues. The console feels put together and solid like it should. Today I removed an input module for maintenance and there were no issues.

Finally, I'd like to acknowledge how important this forum has been to me during the past 18 months as I restore an 80B. It feels good to put something back and perhaps help someone else this time. Thanks ARCF! Charlie
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Re: Replacing Nylatch with Well Nuts for less that $100.

Postby brianroth » Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:59 am

I looked at the Well Nut listing at Grainger, and I'm not completely clear how you applied them. It would seem when inserted into the holes in the frame, won't the modules be "elevated"?

Nevertheless, any replacement idea for the Nylatches is a good plan!

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Re: Replacing Nylatch with Well Nuts for less that $100.

Postby foxriver » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:23 pm

Sorry for the delay Brian.... I need to check my message notification settings.

Imagine the module installed, with Nylatch fasteners removed. The 1/2" well nuts are inserted right into the top of the module holes and pushed all the way down.. reaching all the way through the frame holes. Once the screw/washer is installed and tightened (using slight pressure on the screwdriver) the well nut rubber expands up under and against the bottom of the frame hole like a rivet.

It's easier to remove the module and install the well nut into the module holes...they're stubborn but once inserted, fit nicely. I also found it easier to lower the module all the way down and lead with the top connector when seating it.

I wanted to include pictures in the first post but had a hard time getting my phone to produce the right file size. If you have any ideas please let me know and I'll certainly add some nice photos.

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