Trident 65 Monitor Module

Twenty five years have passed since Trident Recording Studios made the decision to build their own Multitrack Recording Console.

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Trident 65 Monitor Module

Postby totoxraymond » Sun May 30, 2010 12:58 pm

Hi, I'm new here but i'd like to thank everyone making this forum alive; very great.

Now, I've got a problem with a Trident console I'm working with.

Channel strips, aux master section and remix master module are from a Trident series 65, but the monitor modules seem to be from an other series. I think that because these sections don't match with the flow diagram i've downloaded from (another useful place). The second thing is there's no trident logo at the bottom of the modules. The third, is that they don't look like the pictures of series 65 i saw...

I took some picture of the console, not very good but i can take some more if necessary. Here they are:

whole desk :
Monitor Modules:

From bottom to top, you can see:

- Bus Master Fader
- Module Mute
- Tape Return Level
- Module Solo switch
- Module Pan pot
- Tape return / Bus switch (with little "pro tools" stickers)
- Aux. sends 7 and 9 (written "casque" which means "headphones" in French, I think it's weird)
- EQ section, 3 Band
- 4 more Aux. Sends (1-4) With a "pre/post" switch for each
- Finally an "Out" Level that i guess is used to adjust the level of groups outputs (i'm not using groups, usually i use Direct Out.) and a mute switch.

So, if someone knows what these modules are and/or from which series they are, it would be great. If someone also has the flow diagrams and schematics it would be perfect. :)

Thanks for your answers.

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Re: Trident 65 Monitor Module

Postby Jack Luminous » Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:39 am

Those are standard 65 monitor modules. I have the exact same on my 65. There are two kind of 65 monitor, those with switchable upper/lower groups (one fader on the bottom) and those with two faders on thebottom of the strip. You have the first kind.
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