Trimix Console TL071 switched to OPA034 etc

Twenty five years have passed since Trident Recording Studios made the decision to build their own Multitrack Recording Console.

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Trimix Console TL071 switched to OPA034 etc

Postby zilla » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:03 pm

Hi all...

So I got the Trident Trimix 16-8-2 and I love it... It's a bit creaky and kinda
dusty, needs a bit of TLC I guess... So as a Trident and old console newbie I
really need some advice if anyone who see's this is kind enough to help...

Silly and not so silly questions...

What is the best way to clean the faders if they sound a bit dusty and scratchy,
is servisol 10 any use here?

Some pots are stiffer than others but still work, best way to loosen them

I read that I can change some TL071 chips in the master output module and
possibly sub group modules to improve the headroom, sound and noise level etc,
the parts look like they pop out and replacement just snaps in.. But then I read
that certain replacements require extra caps which I'm not confident about doing
really, so which kind can just replace without the need for extra caps? Just
want a gentle introduction to this really..what type and which to change? Do
those Burr Brown ones just slot right in?

Is there output transformers in this consoles master out? If so.. What type? If
not.. Is there a benefit to adding anything on the output sound wise?

Lastly I wish the low fixed EQ was set at 60 hz is there a way to mod it so it

I know that I know nothing.. But please be kind.. I really appreciate all and
any help given!

Thanx Trident Gurus!

One Love


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