Had to share this Trident 90 PSU with you

Twenty five years have passed since Trident Recording Studios made the decision to build their own Multitrack Recording Console.

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Had to share this Trident 90 PSU with you

Postby AnalogStudio7 » Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:57 pm

Hi guys,

I'm not a Trident owner. Most of my consoles are all AMEK. But I wanted to share the pic below with you guys. Thought it may be of interest.

My studio is very close to the GRS Pro Audio shop and I drive over there often when my stuff breaks. While I was there yesterday, I saw a beautiful Trident 90 that was being restored and heavily modified by GRS for a studio up in Washington. They didn't let me photo it since they didn't have the OK to do so by the owner and share any info. But they did let me take pics of the monster power supply system they built for it.

Look at this monster PSU! A master and slave unit with power sequencing and all computer controlled (they say micro-processor controlled). So I thought I'd share this with y'all. I understand that this system will also power the AMEK 9098(!) SSL's and Neve consoles.



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