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Postby sebastian747 » Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:49 am

Well its been a year and rather than post every little detail i have kinda got on with things. The Console is probably about midway and over the last few weeks we have finally got the patch bay how we want it, clean and working. A few hicups..i managed to put a large Cap back in a PSU arse about did go BANG and sprayed shit everywhere and smelt like fish for a day or so, but didnt do any major damage.
We discovered that the Phantom PSU which has basically got 2 supplies in it was only wired to use one side, for the whole console, no idea why that is but hey worked we are re jigging this to split the load.
Lots of boring cable prep, hours spent working out how unscrew a Mil connector.
Machine looms now prepped
Machine I/O normalled to console Line in/GRP Outs
Phantom Power Switching now wired and working to mic patch bay ( whoop)

Next job is for Neil P to sus out the signal flow through the console and plan the new Stereo Mix bus...which once complete will just mean a few module faults and minor niggles to sort...and it is nearly there from a functional point. Much to do will post some pics soon.

Where are all the pictures in this post they get removed after a while???
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Postby sebastian747 » Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:04 am

Well Well Well, was it nearly 3 years ago I bought this console!!! yup i can see many people have followed this i often get emails about it asking what happened. So here is what has happened and what is about to happen. Im gonna keep it as brief as possible because its about time I cut to the chase for fear of total boredom!!!
So in about a month the ROH calrec will be finished and put into the studio for commission and testing ( Matt/ Richard come on down and try it out if u like). Its taken a long time mainly because of life getting in the way. But anyway here it is in brief, and a few more pictures below.
So having worked out the flow etc, we set about building in a functional Stereo bus, the console has much of the guts of the U8000 inside which we have been able to pick up and use ( massive help that)
We now have a super stereo fader and a pair of sub Master faders with inserts and insert defeat options for having several selectable stereo bus compressors inline , parallel bus compression etc...should be a nice feature.
The console has no monitor outputs so having tested some options i decided to buy a dangerous audio controller to deal with monitoring etc... its not cheap but the console deserves a great controller.
Group out puts 33/34, 35/36 are now the assign to stereo mix buttons.
We sorted out proper in place solo on each channel.
Because im doing most work in protools we have left the channel pan as it is, which suits the way I work and others can just get used to it.
Now this beast had some of the most bonkers features to do with Aux send et. ive ever seen so what we have done is made channels 33-40 the AUX master section but reworked the channels so that the MiC/Line and eq's can still be used if needed. The 8 Aux output faders will drive the Cue system in the Studio. We also decided to do a mod on the talk back unit cuz i love the old mic. We discovered that there is some kind of cool compressor circuit in the talkback so we also worked it so that this can be used as a mono compressor..just for a bit of mic or something.
Each channel had a button marked L-R which you might be forgiven for thinking told the channel to send the signal to the left and right bus...well it didnt cuz there never was one??? Now we have one we have linked the green and red LEDs so when you push the button both LEDs come on saying..."hey i'm sending signal to the mix bus!" logical me thinks.
The meter bridge has been a bit of a giggle, the meters all work no failing meters but a pile of failing IC's some of which are obsolet, this is why some of the bar-graphs did strange things, so ive been busy buying as many as i can find, or getting alternatives which to this point work great. Each IC is now seated in an IC cup so they can be changed fast without soldering iron.
All the modules are fixed and working.
All faders cleaned and Lubed.
A comprehensive fault bible has been put together so we can trace faults that arise, quite often common faults will appear across channels over time, its great to have a reference book of faults so repairs can be made faster.
Channel 32 has a low noise on it which is not module related we think its a track in the chassis , so will find out more when flipping the board for the final time.
First 24 channels now have switchable phantom power at the patch bay.
Patch has been reworked and cleaned .
The wood work has been removed and re finished. We even found some orig Tolex for the side panels.

So there we have it its nearly ready just a few little bits and bobs and the settle in period of course which will throw up a few odd things im sure.
How does it sound...well goes without saying its incredible the eq's are just magic and the mic amps as you would imagine...slick!

Here are some pictures, ill post a set more when its ready to go in.
Sorry its taken sooooooo long and cost a fortune but i dont regret not cutting it up into modules at all, i feel that we saved a little bit of UK console History and im really proud of it. Keep watching!
It Dangerous but juicy
The work shop
IMG_1382.jpg (19.21 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
There she different? different!!!!
IMG_1381.jpg (18.17 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
New patch layout
IMG_1380.jpg (20.08 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
Into the belly of the beast
IMG_1408.jpg (27.64 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
Phantom & Patch front view
IMG_1575.jpg (25.19 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
New phantom power distro and switching
IMG_1576.jpg (25.9 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
Work on the cards sorting out routing etc
IMG_1577.jpg (28.82 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
New Mix Bus with insert enable/defeat
IMG_1578.jpg (18.48 KiB) Viewed 8123 times
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Postby sebastian747 » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:43 pm

So here we are for the final stage on the 3 year road trip of the ROH Calrec. What a Journey its been for me. Today we finally moved the console from the workshop in Bath to the Control room at the studio. Here are some pictures of the journey. Once in it will be my job to integrate her into the studio itself with Tie-lines machines and outboard then power up and see what works. If anyone can tell me how to stop the portrait pictures being side ways that would be a help. I will do a final post when the install is complete. But I hope that some of you find my story interesting,Big thanks to Matt and Richard for the advice and info it was very helpfull, please pop in and give her a try if you ever visit Bath as It would be great to hear some more Calrec stories and share a brew.
Calrec in Van.jpg
Calrec Porn.jpg
Calrec in place.jpg
Calrec and crew.jpg
Here are the crew, Let Neil Perry the guy who made this work, and right Mark the man with the van, me in the middle
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Postby DraytonTom » Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:18 pm

Great work!
Looks really good in place in the studio.
Thanks for taking the time to document the refurbishment, has helped inspiration levels with my own "stop start" project.
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Postby sebastian747 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:34 pm

Hey Tom what's your project? I remember the day i bought the Calrec on EBay ... It was really an error I shat myself as I had know way of knowing if it could work . This forum was really valuable,guys like Matt and Richard have huge knowledge of these beasts. Looking back I'm quite proud of what we achieved in saving a little bit of British audio history ... I also owe a huge amount to Neil Perry at Rawstate who is a true genius with electronics and patience .
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