Soundcraft Delta/Venue spare parts / exchange?

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Soundcraft Delta/Venue spare parts / exchange?

Postby livingloud » Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:00 am


is anybody out there still using Soundcraft Venue or Delta desks?
I am looking for some parts and have a lot of parts to sell or exchange. Just ask for what you need.

I am looking for:

RS5150 stereo module Venue II

Venue II Master Module in very good condition

Plastic-Part that covers the meterbridge/desk aluminium profile in 16channel (22 modules) length
(should be identical for K3, Vienna, ... all desks from that era)

Pushbutton-Cap "M3" for mutegroup master switch

I can supply / exchange with:

Venue II channels (about 20 left)
Venue I group modules with EQ
Venue II group modules with return
Venue I channels (Delta-look) with input transformer (unknown brand, not the round sowter)
Venue I (Delta-look) stereo channels

CPS 650 (poor condition)

Meterbridge LED module with 4 LED bargraphs (only one left), also fits Vienna, K3, ... Meterbridge
Sifam VU Meters

and a lot more
I am located in Europe, would ship anywhere.
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Re: Soundcraft Delta/Venue spare parts / exchange?

Postby Voice Coil » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:31 am

Could you post an image of the 'plastic part'
I will check my modules for you for the other items
(London, UK)
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Re: Soundcraft Delta/Venue spare parts / exchange?

Postby RJFreeman » Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:14 pm

I am in need (want) of some group modules for a Soundcraft Delta I am doing up.
Given it is a small frame, I would like to go with A couple of Venue dual group modules for preference (I haven't checked out the differences in the buses of the Venue and Delta yet, but I wouldn't expect any adaptation to be an insurmountable problem).

Unfortunately I do not have anything in your want list, so I can't offer a swap, but how much would you want for a pair of either venue 1 or Venue 2 group modules, and what would shipping to Australia be likely to cost?

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