Amek Rembrandt Automation broken

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Amek Rembrandt Automation broken

Postby eevolute » Thu May 10, 2018 2:27 pm


I recently got an Amek Rembrandt with a broken automation PC computer. I fixed the PC, but the automation/vd Supertrue software comes with a 'console not responding' message. So I can't edit any of the functions that are done from the computer like direct/bus selection, vd bypass etc.

The vca faders work fine standalone but I need some way to reset my channels from the vd and direct settings that seem to be random across the channels, also the solo/pfl and some other linked parameters behave strangely.

Some questions:

The processsor board on the console is a HM1035B. This a board used in many Amek consoles as I understood. The manual mentions two leds, blinking to indicate a boot program is active or a working program has been loaded into the processor board from the PC. These leds are both not working, as I read it at least some blinking/indication should be going on. Can anyone confirm this who is using the 1035 card on his console?

I measure 5V and +/- 15V on the power connector of the 1035 board, coming from the 2nd MPS15 PSU that came with the desk. The 5V line was recently repaired. Could it be there is 5V but not enough current?

Is there a way to reset the channel settings to default, and where is this information stored, on the channel or on the boards in the console? Does anyone know? The manual does not mention it.

Anyone here with similar experience that could point to a solution? Of course the problem could also be in the 979 card in the pc but I have my eye on the 1035 board now to verify this is working or not.


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Re: Amek Rembrandt Automation broken

Postby musman1 » Sun May 12, 2019 8:49 am

Have you solved your problem with the 1035??
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Re: Amek Rembrandt Automation broken

Postby jensenmann » Sun May 19, 2019 5:37 am

I haven´t worked on a Rembrandt before but IIRC I´ve read that there´s a backup battery on one of the automation-related cards in the desk which needs to be replaced frequently as it pulls down the 5V rail.
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