Soundcraft 800 26 Channel

Founded in 1973, Soundcraft first made its mark with the launch of the Series 1, the first mixing console in a flightcase.

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Soundcraft 800 26 Channel

Postby RockSC » Fri May 31, 2013 2:37 pm

Hello again!

Being big fans of these old SC Consoles we´re now working on the second of four consoles that we own. The first was the 8000 (see other thread) now the 800. Upcoming will be a 6000 and a 2400. Learning more as we go along, we really enjoy "saving" these consoles and are amazed what awesome Sound can be achieved by certain mods.

Tomorrow we´ll be starting off on a full restoration of a Soundcraft 800. After sucsessfully completing the 8000 and gathering knowledge this one will hopefully be a bit easier. We´re starting off by disassembling the entire console and cleaning the frame. After that the connector pannel will be checked and cleaned.

I would like to know if you guys have any ideas on modding on this console since I have not been able to find a thread on the 800. First off is a recap of course, raising values where it makes sense. Would it make sense to clean up the Signal path and DC on these PCBs same as with the 8000?

It took me some time to find schematics since Soundcraft doesnt have any on their home page. If anybody needs them or wants to take a look PM me and Ill send them to you.

As we pulled some channel strips we immediately found a little pcb laying around with power supply, all grounds and the ribbon cable passing through it. Does anybody know if this was a later maybe "ground mod" that soundcraft did? The little pcb carrys a soundcraft number so it is a legit part, just seemed kinda weird that it lay there connected without any isolating and the soldering looks quite poor. I had planned on doing a ground mod already, just wondered if this had something to do with it.

Any help with modifications would be greatly appreaciated. As posted before soldering is no Problem I just dont have excessive knowledge on wich components affect others in what way so as not to fry the pcb

Greeting from Germany,

....looking for a TS12, TS24, Sapphyre or 3200 somewhere in, or close to Germany.
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Re: Soundcraft 800 26 Channel

Postby martel80 » Fri May 25, 2018 12:10 pm

Hello Sir,

I'm currently in the process of making my console revamped.

I was wondering if you still had those schematics for the board and modules ?

Also if you still had some spare parts I might be a taker....

Thank you.
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Re: Soundcraft 800 26 Channel

Postby martel80 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:16 pm

A very kind gentleman sent me the complete Schematics of the Series 800.

Here it is.
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